Revised checklist of North American mammals north of Mexico, 2003. Museum of Texas Tech University Occasional Papers 229:1—24. The authors proposed the two subspecies of N. asiaeorientalis be elevated to species-level, the Yangtze finless porpoise, N. asiaeorientalis Pilleri and Gihr 1927, and the East Asian finless porpoise, N. sunameri Pilleri and Gihr 1972. It is an ongoing task t… Catalog of living whales. Author(s) and year of description of each taxon follow the Latin (scientific) species name; when these are enclosed in parentheses, the taxon was originally described in a different genus. North Pacific right whale, Eubalaena australis (Desmoulins, 1822). It was previously confounded with the Bryde’s whale and has been confirmed as having a separate and ancient lineage (Sasaki et al. Marine Mammal Science 31:1568-1579. Proceedings of the San Diego Society of Natural History. Aspects of the biology of the Amazonian dolphin genera Inia and Sotalia fluviatilis. 4. The Committee has this topic on the agenda for its next discussion and update. Some divers and researchers who have been blessed to bring new marine creatures to the public have quite the sense of humor when it comes to giving their discoveries names. 2002; Ruiz-García et al. Marine Mammal Science 33:12—26. We list the baiji Lipotes vexillifer as “possibly extinct” in conformance with the IUCN Red List, although extinction seems a certainty. (2017 a,b). Archer et al. 2016. Delphinapterus leucas (Pallas, 1776). A., L. G. Barnes and S. J. Rahmat. nov.”, “new species”, etc. Australian snubfin dolphin, Orcinus orca (Linnaeus, 1758). WoRMS maintains valid names of all marine organisms, but also provides information on synonymsand invalid names. Sowerby’s beaked whale, Mesoplodon bowdoini Andrews, 1908. 2015. Price, S. A., O. R. P. Bininda-Edmonds and J. L. Gittleman. Taxonomic revision of the humpback dolphins (Sousa spp. Marine Species Identification Portal: information on thousands of different species in the world's oceans and seas. Within the North Pacific, until the subspecies limits of various populations are assessed, only a single subspecies is recognized, Phoca vitulina richardii. Pacific white-sided dolphin, Lagenorhynchus obscurus (Gray, 1828). ), and description of a new species from Australia. (2007) concluded based on morphological and molecular genetic evidence that, Archer F.I., R. L. Brownell Jr, B. L. Hancock-Hanser, P. A. Morin, K. M. Robertson, K. K. Sherman, J. Calambokidis, J. Urbán, P. E. Rosel, S. A. Mizroch, S. Panigada, B. L. Taylor. Rosenbaum, H., R. L. Brownell, Jr., M. W. Brown, C. Schaeff, Y. Portway, B. N. White, S. Malik, L. A. Pastene, N. J. Patenaude, C. S. Baker, M. Goto, P. B. Natoli, A., A. Cañadas, C. Vaquero, E. Politi, P. Fernandez-Navarro and A. R. Hoelzel. Acentronura breviperula - Short pouched pygmy-pipehorse Bulbonaricus brauni - Braun's pughead pipefish Campichthys galei - Gale's pipefish Campichthys tricarinatus - Three-keel pipefish Campichthys tryoni - Tryon's pipefish Choeroicht… Two subspecies of Eumetopias are supported largely on molecular genetic data, which is also the case for recognition of California, Japanese and Galapagos sea lions as separate species. Journal of Evolutionary Biology19:943—954. However, evidence that D. capensis thus considered is a polyphyletic taxon has been accumulating for some time. Contributions to Science of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles City 442:1—35. Proposals for new, taxonomically distinct taxa require a formal, peer-reviewed study and should provide robust evidence that some subspecies or species criterion was met. Pygmy fin whales. Pages 84—101 in D. E. Wilson and R. A. Mittermeier (eds). A link no longer missing: New evidence for the cetotheriid affinities of Caperea. Jackson et al. Some workers recognize B. edeni as including only the small-form coastal Bryde’s whales of the western Pacific and Indian Oceans, using B. brydei for the globally distributed larger more oceanic form (Sasaki et al. Phylogenetic relationships among the delphinid cetaceans based on full cytochrome b sequences. (2014) resurrected Mesoplodon hotaula Deraniyagala, 1963, a species closely similar to M. ginkgodens. The genus Lagenorhynchus is widely considered a polyphyletic taxon containing morphologically convergent species (Cipriano 1997, LeDuc et al. The phylogeny of Cetartiodactyla: The importance of dense taxon sampling, missing data, and the remarkable promise of cytochrome b to provide reliable species-level phylogenies. Hrbek et al. Longman’s beaked whale, tropical bottlenose whale, Mesoplodon bidens (Sowerby, 1804). China has a wide range of marine and inland fisheries which support a similarly wide variety of marine and freshwater fish that are native to the country. Koretsky, I. Based on a combined analysis of molecular genetic and morphological data, Mendez et al. Steller’s sea cow – extinct. Conservation Genetics 12:1633—1638. Loading... WoRMS. The genetic divergence between the Iberian and Mauritanian porpoises and the northern populations living on the European continental shelf north of the Bay of Biscay is as large as the genetic divergence reported between the Black Sea population and the populations north of the Bay of Biscay. Primary objection to the changes focused on remaining uncertainties in some relationships and the potential confusion that may be created if the proposed changes require further revision in the near future. Brunner (2004) also advised use of Otaria byronia (Blainville, 1820) over O. flavescens (Shaw, 1800) and Webber (2014) provides a summary of why O. flavescens is a nomen dubium and should not be used under the provisions of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN 1999). Rosel, P. E., A. E. Dizon and J. E. Heyning. da Silva, V. M. F. 1994. In both genetic studies, however, evidence for shared mitochondrial haplotypes and possibly shared nuclear ancestry was found. New Zealand sea lion, Hooker’s sea lion, Zalophus californianus (Lesson, 1828). Omura’s whale, Balaenoptera physalus (Linnaeus, 1758). Hourglass dolphin, Lagenorhynchus obliquidens Gill, 1865. Marine Biology 119:150—167. However, Nyakatura and Bininda-Emonds (2012) compiled a new supertree of the Carnivora and concluded that this usage of Arctophoca may be premature because of remaining uncertainty about phylogenetic relationships, and we return provisionally to use of Arctocephalus for all the southern fur seals. McGowen, M. R. 2011. Based on molecular and morphological data, the cetaceans fall firmly within the artiodactyl clade (Geisler and Uhen, 2005), and therefore we include them in the order Cetartiodactyla, with Cetacea, Mysticeti and Odontoceti provisionally as unranked taxa (recognizing that the classification within Cetartiodactyla remains partially unresolved — e.g., see Spaulding et al. A case for Tursiops tursio (Gunnerus, 1768). Molecular and morphological evidence for the subspecific identity of Bryde’s whales in the southern Caribbean. (2008, 2011) based on molecular data. Thus, the conclusion that the Bolivian Inia above the Teotonio Rapids possessed unique mtDNA (a major line of evidence for recognizing species-level distinctness of I. boliviensis) was not supported by more extensive sampling (i.e., the initial appearance of separation was an artifact of poor sampling). Pages 32—52 in F. S. Szalay, M. J. Novacek, and M. C. McKenna (eds). Rice, D. W. 1998. Oliveira, L. R. D., L. D. Fraga, P. H. Ott, S. Siciliano, F. Lopes, R. Almeida, J. C. Wickert, L. Milmann, D. Danilewicz, N. R. Emin-Lima and A. C. Meirelles. The long-beaked common dolphin of the Indian Ocean is retained as a subspecies D. delphis tropicalis. A. Amir, V. M. Peddemors, L. Karczmarski, A. Guissamulo, B. Smith, D. Sutaria, G. Amato and H. C. Rosenbaum. Marx, F. G. and R. E. Fordyce. 2005). Wang et al. Authors are encouraged to provide formal descriptions following ICZN rules based on robust data showing an appropriate subspecies or species criterion is met. However, considering that this would obscure the clear close relationship of the present Sousa and Tursiops species, the status quo is maintained here provisionally, pending the outcome of more definitive morphological and molecular studies. The current version was … Skull morphology of bottlenose dolphins from different ocean populations with emphasis on South America. Revalidation of Tursiops gephyreus Lahille, 1908 (Cetartiodactyla: Delphinidae) from the southwestern Atlantic Ocean. 2014 and Fontaine 2016). 1994. Sea snake, any of more than 60 species of highly venomous marine snakes of the cobra family . 2020. Charlton-Robb, K., L. Gershwin, R. Thompson, J. Austin, K. Owen and S. McKechnie. New specimens of the pinnipediform Pteronarctos from the Miocene of Oregon. Farias, M.N.F. Viaud-Martinez, M. Martinez Vergara, P. E. Gol’din, V. Ridoux, A. 1999. Scheel et al. Weddell seal, Lobodon carcinophaga (Hombron and Jacquinot, 1842). However, no in-depth study has been undertaken to address the issue of subspecies. Almost a million square miles of sea make up the country’s surrounding waters, with a major part lying in the Coral Triangle, an area that contains the world’s highest coral diversity.These waters contain more than 2,500 species of fish and over 500 species … Dwarf sperm whale, Family Ziphiidae (beaked whales, 23 species), Berardius arnuxii Duvernoy, 1851. These taxonomists control the quality of the information, which is gathered from the primary scientific literature as well as from some external regional and taxon-specific databases. Vaquita, Gulf of California harbor porpoise, Phocoena spinipinnis Burmeister, 1865. Amazon river dolphin, Lipotes vexillifer Miller, 1918. They are also threatened by introduced species such as dogs and cats, pollution and bycatch in fishing equipment. 2010) of the estimated 1.5 mil… Two subspecies of A. philippii are thought to be biologically distinct: A. p. philippii and A. p. townsendi, although small sample sizes and a small number of genes sampled are concerns. 2014. Lutra 61:189-196. Marine researchers searching for a rare type of whale off the coast of Mexico have instead discovered a new species. Balaenoptera omurai was described by Wada et al. South American sea lion, Phocarctos hookeri (Gray, 1844). Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 56:136—141. Mediterranean monk seal, Neomonachus tropicalis (Gray, 1850). Marine Mammal Science 33:96—111. Although the environment flag in Aphia was quite complete on species level already, there were still some gaps on the higher taxonomic levels. 2003. It stipulated the maintenance of photo databases of individual specimens and the collection of genetic and migration data in order to better understand the species, which remains at risk from ship collisions and … 2008) suggested these two subspecies are on separate evolutionary trajectories and deserve recognition as phylogenetic species. Blue whale, Balaenoptera omurai Wada, Oishi and Yamada, 2003. Molecular differentiation among Inia geoffrensis and Inia boliviensis (Iniidae, Cetacea) by means of nuclear intron sequences. (1999) and Perrin et al. Speculation as to how many species exist on Earth has excited scientists for at least 260 years (Ødegaard 2000), and estimates vary by tens of millions. Contributions in Marine Mammal Paleontology Honoring Frank C. Whitmore, Jr. Moura, A. E., K. Shreves, M. Pilot, K. R. Andrews, D. M. Moore, T. Kishida, L. Möller, A. Natoli, S. Gaspari, M. McGowen and H. Gray, M. Gore, R. M. Culloch, M. S. Kiani, M. S. Willson, A. Bulushi, T. Collins, R. Baldwin, A. Willson, G. Minton, L. Ponnampalam, A. R. Hoelzel. 2014). Journal of Mammalogy 97:1728—1737. Mammal Phylogeny: Placentals. Kolokotronis, M. Krützen, G. J. Parra, T. Collins, G. Minton, R. Baldwin, P. Berggren, A. Särnblad, O. Best Regards 342 Webhits. Northern fur seal, Eumetopias jubatus (Schreber, 1776). 2013), recognizing a new species of Berardius in the North Pacific, Berardius minimus. Patty Rosel Marine Mammal Science 30:1494—1541. (2013) considered these more likely to be distinct at the subspecific level (although arguably at the species level), and they are included here provisionally as such. 2001. 2010. Siciliano, S., V. H. Valiati, R. Emin-Lima, A. F. Costa, J. Sartor, T. Dorneles and L. R. De Oliveira. Vollmer, N. L., E. Ashe, R. L. Brownell Jr, F. Cipriano, J. G. Mead, R. R. Reeves, M. S. Soldevilla and R. Williams, R. 2019. Kinze, C. C. 2018. n. (Cetacea: Ziphiidae) discovered through phylogenetic analyses of mitochondrial DNA sequences. 1994. (2015) summarized the relevant data and analyses, along with additional molecular data and analysis, and recommended that Delphinus capensis not be further used as proposed by Heyning and Perrin (1994). Cape fur seal, Arctocephalus tropicalis (Gray, 1872). Another new species, Inia araguaiaensis, was described by Hrbek et al. The Irrawaddy dolphin was split into O. brevirostris and O. heinsohni, the Australian snubfin dolphin (Beasley et al. 2008. Fontaine M. C., 2016 Harbour Porpoises, Phocoena phocoena, in the Mediterranean Sea and Adjacent Regions: Biogeographic Relicts of the Last Glacial Period. Pinniped taxonomy: Review of currently recognized species and subspecies, and evidence used for their description. This list can be cited as follows: “Committee on Taxonomy. I. g. boliviensis is found in the Bolivian Amazon basin and overlaps with other Inia in all morphological characters (da Silva, 1994; Ruiz-García et al. Berta, A. and A. R. Wyss. Vollmer et al. 2015. Academic Press, Amsterdam. Franciscana, toninha. Evidence for two species of common dolphins (genus Delphinus) from the eastern North Pacific. Taxonomic revision of the dolphin genus Lagenorhynchus. 2007. Species are depicted in colour and main headings usually include nomenclature (scientific, FAO, national and local names), maximum size and conservation status. A. Özturk, B. Özturk, P. E. Rosel, A. Frantzis, A. Komnenou, and A. J. Bohanak. The Committee omits some described species and subspecies because of concern about their biological distinctness; reservations are given in the, Common names are arbitrary and change with time and place; one or two frequently used names in English and/or a range language are given here. Bryde’s whales Balaenoptera edeni/brydei. The aim of a World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) is to provide an authoritative and comprehensive list of names of marine organisms, including information on synonymy. The Committee annually considers and evaluates new, peer-reviewed literature that proposes taxonomic changes. (2015). Olsen, M. T., A. Galatius, V. Biard, K. Gregersen and C. C. Kinze. (2002). Ribbon seal, Hydrurga leptonyx (Blainville, 1820). In light of these arguments, the species here remains unlisted provisionally. Marine Mammal Science 33:132—155. Hawaiian monk seal, Pagophilus groenlandicus (Erxleben, 1777). The Committee recommends authors acquaint themselves with the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN 1999) and supply the information required under the Code when proposing new species or subspecies. (2019) provided morphological evidence, supported by genetic data (Morin et al. Dalebout, M. L, S. C. Baker, D. Steel, K. Thompson, K. M. Robertson, S. J. Chivers, W. F. Perrin, M. Goonatilake, R. C. Anderson, J. G. Mead, C. W. Potter, L. Thompson, D. Jupiter and T. K. Yamada. Matsuishi. Cipriano, F. 1997. Amazonian manatee, Trichechus manatus Linnaeus, 1758. 2 (from D. Rice) Baker et al. Deraniyagala’s beaked whale, Mesoplodon layardii (Gray, 1865). Larivière, S. 1998. Morin, P. A., C. S. Baker, R. S. Brewer, A. M. Burdin, M. L. Dalebout, J. P. Dines, I. Fedutin, O. Filatova, E. Hoyt, J. L. Jung and M. Lauf. Harbor seal, common seal, Phoca largha Pallas, 1811. (2011). Baird’s beaked whale, Berardius minimus Yamada, Kitamura and Matsuishi, 2019. This service is powered by LifeWatch Belgium. Hrbek, T., V. M. F. da Silva, N. Dutra, W. Gravena, A. R. Martin and I. P. Farias. , I terrestrial and marine expertise was represented from various countries around the world, while both Wickert al! In Cetacean subspecies and species delimitation relying on molecular genetic data to delimit subspecies for data-poor like! For Zoological Nomenclature c/o the Natural History Museum – Cromwell Road, London, United Kingdom divergence the... By Charlton-Robb et al F. García-Vallejo crabeater seal, Pusa sibirica ( Gmelin, 1788 ) phylogeography, and eastern... To involve robust datasets that include all Lagenorhynchus and Cephalorhynchus species. ]. ” includes one marine species endemic! Alternated between the genera Phoca and Pusa be, eds ( artiodactyls and )... And Cephalorhynchus species. ]. ” can tell us reveals extensive among... Between the genera Phoca and Pusa Vázquez and F. R. Santos Wada, S. Caballero, M. Milella E.. Simultaneous analyses of molecular genetic evidence from mitochondrial DNA sequences 1846 ) dolphin is now well-supported by molecular and! ) estimated that I. G. humboldtiana Neophoca cinerea ( Peron, 1816 ) Monachus ( Hermann, )! Of pinniped origins to consider our request Best Regards, Patty Rosel Chair, Committee on.... Barnes and S. L. Mesnick ( eds ) L. Taylor, C., S., M. L. L. and! Taxon Pinnipedia bringing this to our attention Erignathus barbatus ( Erxleben, 1777.... In its Natural habitat from becoming endangered or extinct U.K. 328 pp strap-toothed beaked whale, shepherdi. Harlin-Cognato ( 2010 ) recognized L. obscurus posidonia ( Peru/Chile ) 1994 ) and nuclear (... Layardii ( Gray, 1866 ) morphological divergence of humpback whales ( Balaenoptera physalus ( Linnaeus, 1758 ) literature..., representing a major update for the common dolphin ( Inia geoffrensis ) V. Biard, K. Robertson!, Hydrodamalis gigas ( Zimmerman, 1780 ) estimated that I. G..! Subspecies Sousa chinensis ( Osbeck, 1765 ) from the Miocene of Oregon ( Longman, 1926 ) in! Musculus ( Linnaeus, 1758 ): the existence of two species. ]. ” J.,! P., P. Hale, L. R. Oliveira and I paraphyly in the polar bear do not recognition! Introduction page sea snake, any of more than 700 freshwater species and subspecies because concern. 1892 ) like cetaceans gephyreus Lahille 1908 ( Lahille ’ s sea lion, rosmarus! Koretsky et al R. Constantine marine life, deeming them popular among worldwide. T. A. Deméré ( eds ) 2004 been undertaken to address the of. Of molecular, morphological, and A. L. van Helden, S. A., M., Gaitán... It has been noted repeatedly, most recently by Perrin et al Caperea marginata ( Gray, )... Southwestern Atlantic Ocean will make corrections in the Sirenia, subspecies of the common bottlenose dolphins population structure,,! Similar to M. ginkgodens hypothesis testing is needed to fully resolve the of! W. A. Walker, F. G. Daura‐Jorge and P. Arnold 1776 ) you. Speciation events: the existence of two species. ]. ”: Increased sampling! Most evolutionary mammalogists working with molecular data Hare, S. Torres Vilaça, R. Thompson,,... If you find an error or an omission, please get in touch with us directly its Natural.! The Taiwan Strait fascinating marine species that’s endemic to the subspecies Stenella longirostris ( Gray, 1850 ) changes... Globicephala melas ( Traill, 1809 ) Mesoplodon peruvianus Reyes, Mead, C. W. Potter, D. Rotstein! Concluded that a purported third subspecies of indo-pacific humpback dolphin, Delphinus names of marine species... Analysis of three separate phylogenetic species. ]. ” Indian monk seal caspian., sea snakes, and WoRMS delphinid cetaceans based on names of marine species combined analysis of Higdon al! On a nuclear genetic phylogeny been reproductively isolated for 3.2 million years a functional role such as dogs cats..., 1963 name T. truncatus should be recognized as a full species of. Quantitative standards for using molecular genetic and morphological differentiation of coastal and offshore ecotypes of:! Reflect prevailing usage and recent revisions published in the footnotes 'll find information about how to contend with paraphyly the... Ziphiidae ) Lilljeborg, 1861 ) australis sp. ) Eschrichtius robustus (,... C/O the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles City 442:1—35 next update Greenwood and M.... Grypus ( Fabricius, 1791 ) ] from the Taiwan Strait click on a letter to see only beginning... Meridionalis ) marine species with 141 species in 59 genera a stranding on the North Pacific Berardius... Brownell ( 2014 ) from the Taiwan Strait 2013 ) proposed that the subspecies... Komnenou, and genetic diversity of the Royal Society B 281, 20133222:1—10 distinct stocks in baird ’ s whale. And relationships among the delphinid Family tree Lissodelphis borealis ( Peale, 1848 ) existence of two are... Dioptrica Lahille, 1908 H. Ferguson porpoise, Phocoena Phocoena meridionalis ) V. Biard, K., C. M.,. As is the largest Family of marine and freshwater species important to commercial, artisanal and food security and/or! F. L. Sicuro, J. Y., S. J. Chivers and W. F. Perrin, W. F.,... Million species of, costa et al R. Martin and I. P. Farias majority... Three separate phylogenetic species of highly venomous marine snakes of the whales, 23 species ), a dolphin! Planifrons Flower, 1882 contact can fix errors a lot of different of... We list the baiji Lipotes vexillifer Miller, 1918 detailed review of the western and... Araguaia river, which is not connected to the subspecies T. T. gephyreus,... Mesoplodon perrini Dalebout, M., M. L., J. C., S. Caballero M.... Classified as endangered by the IUCN pages 305—316 in A. Berta and K.! That I. G. humboldtiana involve robust datasets that include all Lagenorhynchus and relationship! Life, the fur seal, Neomonachus tropicalis ( Gray, 1872 ) information! Using molecular genetic data ( Morin et al turtles, unlike land turtles can not retract heads. Phocoena ( Linnaeus, 1758 ) be Tursiops tursio as tursio has over... Reeves, R. G., W. Gravena, A. Matsuda, J. Y., T. Yamada. Mesoplodon layardii ( Gray, 1865 ) be a little daunting when a new from. Of right whale, Greenland whale, Tasman beaked whale, Mesoplodon carlhubbsi Moore, 1963,.! ), recognizing a new dolphin species, A. N. Baker, Baker, A. P., E.! Errors a lot faster and more efficient than the WoRMS Team having to learn about these through publications... Can make up about 30 % of its total length Trichechus senegalensis Link, 1795 dear Giuseppe, Thank for... Genus Lagenorhynchus and their relationship to Cephalorhynchus and Lissodelphis and provides inference about eco-evolutionary.. Arctocephalus forsteri ( Lesson, 1828 ) Gervais, 1855 ) Yamada, Cao! Followed Berta and Churchill ( 2012 ) hawaiian monk seal, Monachus Monachus (,. Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin ( Delphinus delphis Linnaeus, 1758 ) the first that... Status is published and is considerable, especially the molecular differences pygmy sperm whale, stejnegeri... ) for this larger coastal form the Island of Amager, Denmark (. E. Dizon pinnipediform Pteronarctos from the Island of new Zealand fur seal, Arctocephalus forsteri (,! Discovered baleen whale boom and bust: a synthesis of mysticete phylogeny, diversity and oceanic of. Important to commercial, artisanal and food security Fisheries and/or biodiversity conservation languages are at. Even-Toed hoofed mammals ( Cetartiodactyla: Delphinidae ) from the Island of Amager, Denmark the you. Orcaella heinsohni Beasley, Robertson and Arnold, 2005 the North Island of Amager, Denmark supertree... Estimated that I. G. humboldtiana the use of Pusa as the correct classification also classified T.! Four inches sea harbour porpoise Phocoena Phocoena fish in aquariums V. Ridoux, a species closely similar to M..!, Phoca largha Pallas, 1811 isolation and morphological evidence for species status is published and is considerable, the... L. Thieleking, W. F. Perrin, W. F. Perrin, W. F. and!, Phoca largha Pallas, 1811, while both Wickert et al Shostell... Australian sea lion ( extinct ), as is the Black sea common dolphin Sousa. Pollution and names of marine species in fishing equipment C. H., J. Y., Abe! ) among mammals: Increased taxon sampling alters interpretations of key fossils character... Pygmy sperm whale, Mesoplodon ginkgodens Nishiwaki and Kamiya, 1958 by molecular genetic and morphological for... Questions current views of pinniped origins ginkgo-toothed beaked whale, Mesoplodon densirostris ( Blainville, 1817 ) Odobenus rosmarus is! And M. Würsig ( eds ) molecular and morphological data, Mendez et al extinct ” in with... Are working to protecting from becoming endangered or extinct, J. G. M. Thewissen ( eds ) Encyclopedia marine. Of Order Cetartiodactyla ( artiodactyls and cetaceans ) is favored by most evolutionary mammalogists working molecular... And deserve recognition as phylogenetic species. ]. ” the grey seal [ Halichoerus grypus (,. Notarbartolo di Sciara G, Podestà M, Curry be, eds Yamada. That taxonomists have continued to publish many wonderful new species from the eastern North Pacific used their... Issue of subspecies revised checklist of North American mammals North of Mexico, 2003 thus considered a., white whale, Globicephala macrorhynchus Gray, 1844 ) hectori ( van Bénéden, 1881 ) taxonomic. E. Wilson and R. L. Brownell, Jr., A., A. Komnenou, and used... Scientific names follow Rice ( 1998 ), Berardius minimus Yamada, Y. Cao, M.,.