That milestone hit in June 2019. What to do now, when your hair gets to that awkward stage and you feel like you can’t go on looking ”like that”, and almost give in to cutting it all again? I loved being grey, and had grey hair for about 3 years. Just a bargain hungry cool mom who loves to help others find cool stuff too. I am anxious to see the end result, but realize this is a long process. The lowlights can be the color of your natural hair before it turned gray. I have had three haircuts in the past eight months and have gotten a lot of the brassiest parts cut off. The first months are the most challenging, so you’re wise to not look in the mirror too often. So what did I do? ( Log Out /  Good to you for taking the plunge and just growing your hair out cold turkey. Thank you for sharing your journey. Stage 1 : April 2017 the year I turned 50, I decided to start the transition. I want to thank you so much for your honesty and vulnerability. I think the milestone birthdays can help us to better evaluate what we do and don’t want in our lives. Here are some pics of my hair. Stage 3: September 2017 – May 2018 My hair grew quite long and I experimented with some temporary colours and plaited my hair alot to give it more volume. I’m so sorry that you have had a similar experience to both Marilyn and me, Kamie. When my hair is down, it doesn’t look all that different from the photos above from last July/August, but the ends are now more gold than red/orange. I loved the effect, but sadly it only lasted until the next time I washed my hair. (Shrinkage!!) Growing out a bad haircut is the worst — but growing out a good haircut is no walk in the park, either. I will start posting progress on Insta tomorrow (@semisweetgirl) – my sisters granddaughter is going to cut my hair, Oh if anyone is interested the product I was talking about it is called oVertone and the site is It’s not your fault this happened to you! Unfortunately, the toner quickly faded – this is before and after just one wash! I wish you strength along the way. What else to do right? But, for the first few weeks or months, your short cut should be in prime form if your stylist got it right, so take this time to get adjusted and learn to love your new 'do while it's in a great place. By February 2017, my highlights had gotten very brassy and looked quite orange! In any event, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try, as you can always dye your hair again if you don’t like your natural color (that is, once all of the salons re-open). The stylist assured me that it did indeed wash out with the “detox shampoo” she used at the shampoo bowl, but I never saw that effect myself. Gray Hair Transition - Don't Do What I Did! My siblings all hated my hair being grey and I felt pressured to start dying it again. I told her about the problems I was experiencing with my brassy highlights and she offered to help me. I think a lot of women are using the recent lockdowns to start their gray hair transition. In retrospect, I should have been more willing to compromise and at least cut the brassiest bottom portion of my hair off. Best wishes! My mom did that (her hair was pretty short anyway) and I think she was done in about 8 months. It’s probably not as bad as you think it is (lookswise) but it’s that anger you feel at having been pushed into something you knew you didn’t want. (Henna is great for your hair but does not play well with others! In February 2017, I was referred to a color correction specialist for a consultation about fixing my hair. I’m sure many women are in the same boat as you are with potentially starting a “going gray” journey unintentionally. Then my dad died & I had to go to the funeral. I have done more don’ts that do’s during my gray hair transition…. You validated my gut feel for putting up with the demarcation Skunk line (my hair is pretty dark brown). I know it is now two years later , but I want you to know that I have benefitted from your willingness to share your experiences. I was sorry to hear people had been unpleasant to you and hurt your feelings, good luck with the rest of your going natural journey, Good luck whatever you decide to do with your hair. I also suffer from horrible migraines and they haven’t been as severe since I stopped dyeing my hair (and some of my other health issues also improved). I know that some women have used highlights successfully during their transition process, but I’ve learned that it’s both risky and challenging to highlight dark dyed hair, especially hair that’s as porous as mine. From what I’m reading from everyone the journey is very important – I can see why. I’m glad my post helped you to decide against highlights, Mary Louise. This cut will grow out into a mopp-ish shaggy mess in about 2 months. I have been reading your blog since “shopaholic” and find it very helpful and insightful and honest. Many thanks for sharing your experience as it offers me a guide on what to do. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I hope the Overtone is helpful for you. See more ideas about Grey hair, Hair, Beautiful gray hair. Where are the lady’s in there 60 s like Thanks again for sharing. This is my second time with skin cancer – the first was melanoma. Thank you. I wish that the porosity issue would have been brought up and discussed. Sadly, he told me that all of the processing had left my hair too damaged to do what was necessary (more highlights, as well as lowlights) to produce a more pleasing result. Irene Smallwood-Bosma on April 03, 2018: I love the liberated feeling I get from not having to schedule another hair color appointment! Thanks to all who have commented and been so helpful. You will be done THAT much sooner as a result. Go all in and let your hair do its thing. I am upset beyond belief. Like you, my nice hair is part of my identity- Like you, cutting it short would be a disaster!! My gray hair transition process was set back by many months and there was nothing I could do about it except cry, which I did many times. I am so mad at myself for ignoring my instincts and for allowing this person to cross the line when my instinct against it was so very strong. I am thinking of using Clairol Natural instincts dark brown color for a couple of months to soften the demarcation line. See more ideas about Grey hair, Transition to gray hair, Gray hair growing out. . This is basically just doing the reverse of covering the roots with brown and it works great, of course it does require more product than just covering the roots… but the cost is pretty minimal compared to salon coloring. I think a lot of women are wondering if now is the time to go gray as a result of the extended shelter-in-place and salons being closed. Yes, you’ll likely experience some rough spots, as it IS a big change, but you’ll also likely learn a lot about yourself in the process and hopefully you’ll be happy with the finished product. I kept trimming about an inch every 4-6 weeks. It’s just my opinion, obviously, but I think natural silver tones brighten your skin and make you look more youthful – that’s certainly the case for me (as the grey is coming in) I’ve stopped wearing make up – I just don’t need it anymore! Here are some of the main reasons why I love silvery, grey, glittery hair: I think the silver colour makes the colour of your eyes really stand out. The grow grey out, with no additional processing: Without a doubt, growing out your hair slowly is the most difficult. You seem to have a wonderful attitude, which will serve you well in going through what can be a difficult process (but isn’t for everyone, especially if you have the right attitude going in). Since I was using hendigo, I saved around £300. I took his advice and let my hair grow out, but it was not without the struggle. What I realized is that this could be a good tool for easing the transition. The thing is, most women I meet, ask me why I don’t color my hair and tell me I would look more youthful. At this point, I’m planning to keep doing small cuts until all of the remaining color is gone, but I’m not sure how long that will take. Ironically, I’ve grown out my hair to past my shoulders (the first time since jr high!! Since you’re at the 10 month mark, things should be getting a bit smoother for you and you should have a much better sense of what the finished product will look like. I read and read so many stories of how you can do this and how you can do that to transition to gray/silver – I going old school – I’m gonna find some cute scarves and hats ( thank goodness spring/summer are coming up) . This doesn’t happen to everyone and it happens in degrees, but it just adds more complexity to the transition process. It’s below my shoulders. For the last 10 years I’ve been wanting to go gray. tell yourself that you can color again in a month (or a few weeks or whatever you decide) if you still feel the same way. Good luck to you! My hair is about the same length as yours and I, too, have no desire to cut it as it becomes more unruly/curly/frizzy/etc. I let my hair grow until I had about 2″ of grey roots then cut my hair super short. I’ve recently decided to stop coloring my hair. Grombre means Grey Ombre and it took me 2 years of this until the glittery bits transitioned into sensational silver. “If you can’t be a good example then at least be a terrible warning!” Thank you again! I wish you all the best and I hope that when you start to socialize more, those around you will be encouraging rather than negative. If you can embrace a shorter, layered style, you’ll be done a lot quicker. She tested a few formulas on my hair and found one that worked well and would last for at least a few weeks. I would like to see someone that’s growing out there gray that’s not young like these women ! Eventually I will be done transitioning, but it’s going to take much longer than I thought. I was already eight months into the process and had spent quite a bit of money on the highlights. I have natural very dark curly hair which I started coloring in my late 30’s (and am now over 70). Nearly 6 months now (since the crop) and It’s much easier to deal with now I have an additional 2 or 3 inches (and some curls back!) He’s in Southern California (where I live) and if I knew about him a few years back, I would have gone to him for help with my hair. Yes, my transition was difficult, but I’m still glad I did it. It’s been hard to go through this process, especially since I have a tendency to be extremely hard on myself and accept too much responsibility when things go wrong. I realised that the statement “their parents must be proud” was in fact directed at me […], Grombre means Grey Ombre and it took me 2 years of this until the glittery bits transitioned into sensational silver. Credit: Samantha Wolov Going gray doesn't just happen with the quick snap of your fingers. It’s a big decision to undergo the graying process. As for how I resisted the weak moments, it was easier for me than many because of some of my reasons for stopping the dye – my increasing chemical sensitivity and the compromised state of both my health and my hair. ( Log Out /  Big thanks lady. Growing Out Gray Hair – 5 Ways to go Gray. Three stages of letting your hair go WHITE/Grey (Gray) A – you are extreme and very brave B- you don’t care if your hair is long or short C- you want it safe and almost instant But before I get into this, here are some photos of how my hair looked in July/August 2017, when I was still getting toner every three weeks. It's enough to want to hide under a hat for 3 months. We went over all the options and ultimately decided to do some low lights only on the crown so I don’t have so much demarkation. Finally in January I dyed my hair for the last time because in February my dermatologist told me that I had a basal cell carcinoma on my arm. I learned how hair products worked differently on my hair at different lengths. When I decided to […], Plastic to the left, plastic to the right, plastic, plastic everywhere in sight!! Thank you for your kind words. I am growing out henna, which is a bit of a blessing because as soon as I tell them the red bits are henna they just say: Oh, yeah… gonna have to let that grow out. You are a beautiful woman and I hope you’re getting more comfortable with your hair now. I’m publishing this post on the two-year anniversary of the last time I colored my roots. It was supposed to wash out in 8-9 weeks, but never did. When I decided to let my hair go grey I was 49, now the otherside of 50 I have no regrets and absolutely love how my hair looks now, it has given me more confidence than ever before, and I would recommend anyone who is thinking about the transition to wholeheartedly go for it. This is going to be a test of will and patience!. I know it can be difficult to be the only one in a friend group who has gone gray, but perhaps you might inspire a friend or two to follow suit. I’ll bet a lot of women are either starting their process now, Sara, or are considering it, especially since the shutdowns have given them a head-start. My hair was quite dark at the time as you can see in the pictures, and I really didn’t want the “skunk” look. The results are often much better on either natural hair (whether dark or light) or lighter dyed hair. I’m going to follow your advice and do an one of two low-lights in the beginning and chop off hair from shoulder to chin length. But I know the process is still challenging for you. Stay well and be true to you! I love the feeling of healthy and free hair! Hey Girls! That’s too bad that your friend made that comment. Unsure what else to do, I tried to just keep letting it grow out, but I hated the brassy color with a fervent passion. Who knows, but one thing we do know and that is that Popeye loved his Spinach and […]. I have had several friends tell me that I’m going to look much older if I don’t dye my hair. I went for the pixie crop (via, bob and shorter) and am now trying to deal with curly hair that is too short to curl! I had highlights initially and really loved them. – and most hairdressers are only aware of henna with compounds, not body-art completely-natural henna, which folks have been using for thousands of years) – but I feel so bad for you. My haircuts are few and far between, because as Naomi said somehow we lose all our power when we get in the chair. The 9 phases of growing out hair…. The Lubricity did make my hair more smooth and manageable, but I also had an adverse reaction to it with a sore throat and severe congestion. I found your site while researching for tips about handling the process. ( Log Out /  Also, take things one day at a time. Happy early birthday to you! Hiya – a curly girl here. I also fell prey to a (very young) hair stylist who convinced me that it would be one long day, and it wouldn’t be GRAY, but more silvery almost blonde…and I have very dark, almost black hair. I don’t blow dry or style. Such methods can work out well for some people, but I just wanted to make sure that women going on this journey know about potential pitfalls. More information... People also love these ideas Pinterest. It sounds like you have a good attitude, Monica. “Out of this Earth” Recipe for Vegan Spanokopita. Hi Rhonda. It just gets a tiny bit lighter after several shampoos. Very Cruella Devilish and I liked the dramatic look. Doing regular cuts will help (even if it’s just an inch at a time), as each time you get some of the brass cut off, you will feel a bit better. I have been reading about the process (every now and then) and am thankful that I have come across these narratives to help me with my decision and these are: to go gray naturally, have a monthly haircut ( I keep a shoulder length hair) and to be PATIENT. So glad I did. I started dating Pistol when I was in stage 3 and I could have sworn that on our first night meeting he was staring at my roots and wondering to himself why I hadn’t made the effort to colour my hair. Congrats on your decision to embrace your natural silver hair, Linda! I’m going to try not to beat myself up for this anymore and I’m going to try to forgive myself for the mistakes I’ve made as well. Since you’re just coloring around the hairline, you likely won’t have the dreaded “skunk stripe” that most people feel is unsightly during the transition. Meanwhile, if you have blonde or grey beard hair, then you’ll probably be looking at a 2-week wait before you’ve hit the end of the first stage of growing your beard. That was my thought as well. First, the stylist applied my toner after the Lubricity instead of before it as was recommended. But the good news is that hair DOES grow and eventually you will be past this difficult time. Debbie, Thank you for sharing your journey with us. A lot of stylists will recommend highlights, but that often results in THREE-toned hair rather than just TWO-toned hair, and the highlights will often turn brassy. This is a good time to ponder whether or not you want to go gray, Bonnie. The fact that you’re going to go shorter with your haircut will help to make the process easier. Too frizzy— I think I will look great when it’s done – and I can’t wait! The latest news on and the WordPress community. I figure that I will finally look my age and that may or may not be acceptable to me when I look in the mirror. I agree with what you wrote. I really don’t care what people think about my choice to go gray or the way it looks while it grows out. I am so desperately tired of coloring my hair. I am also trying to grow out gray hair, from a brunette color. I’m glad my blog has helped you to feel better about your decision regarding your hair. Keep your freshly gray strands moisturized and healthy by incorporating a hair mask into your weekly routine. It’s hard when one changes the color and the length dramatically at the same time, but hair DOES grow back and you’ll likely look stunning with long silver hair. Keeping your hair well groomed and trimmed and split ends-free will make your hair thicker and stronger. See more ideas about grey hair inspiration, hair inspiration, hair. 2. If I were to offer any advice, I would recommend the following: Many women try more than once to grow out their natural hair and that’s okay. Are you familiar with Erica Johnston on YouTube ( The type of deep-seated insecurities I wrote about back in 2014 led to a series of missteps that have made the going gray process harder and significantly set back my progress. I came across this article (and your blog) while researching my options for growing my grey hair out. – but I’ve found so many supportive women with suggestions on styling products (for curly hair) and general sisterhood of ‘keep going, you can do it’ – it’s been really helpful. It can be difficult to swim against the tide in all areas of life, and embracing natural hair when most women use hair dye is no exception. About 9 months in, I had a rinse applied. I think most of the critics and trolls from my last blog haven’t followed me over here, so hopefully I won’t be raked over the coals for my stupidity, but I’m taking the risk because I wish I had read this type of post myself two years ago. I am in the second month of transitioning my high lighed, low lighted, blond base colored hair to gray. I mentioned above that I have unruly and frizzy hair. but my hair is dry, frizzy and fragile. Yes, I was a “terrible warning” for sure, but now you and others won’t be and I’m grateful for that. The other option was to cut it right back to the shortest crop but I am a Leo and I quite like having a mane. And in isolation, much easier to do. Trim your hair regularly. Yes, it can be a very long process, but it’s worth it! It’s great that your hair grows fast! I haven’t had a haircut in four months now and it doesn’t look THAT bad. How to Grow Out Gray Hair When you think about the transition between coloring your hair and letting your hair grow out to its natural gray, one main concern is how awful it will look during the process. I was searching how to go gray gracefully and came upon Katie goes platinum, which led me here…. Just hoping that a pastel color from overtone will make it more attractive, as when I finally gave into coloring, my hair was so completely white I looked like I had a halo on my head. It’s not an easy process, but it is surely worth it! How to grow out gray hair. I am now going to just deal with my ever-growing white stripe and get trims as needed. If I pull back the top section of my hair, it looks pretty good, as the staining was mostly confined to that layer (probably because that’s the most porous part). I am not ready to cut my hair off and so I think I’m just going to have to live this one out and not let anyone touch my hair with color again no matter how ugly the fading is. I went back in for more toner, but it never lasted more than one or two shampoos, so I gave up on both toning the highlights and that particular hairstylist. Stage 2: June 2017 I transitioned lighter to a more honey blonde with streaks in but still letting the grey start to come through which is what you can see in the picture with my hair braided. Needless to say, I was very angry at that stylist and am no longer going to her, but the damage was done. Then if I like it I’ll leave it. Debbie, Due to the lockdown and my hairdressers is currently closed I now have nearly 3 months natural grey so thinking lets just go for it! I’m still glad I decided to do it, even though I’ve done so many things wrong. It’s not for the faint of heart and anyone who opts to do it will need to compromise in one way or another. I last colored my hair (permanent color) on Feb. 6. I think it’s wonderful that more and more younger women are transitioning to their natural silver hair. As I talked with him yesterday with a box of home color on my head (I can’t afford more than once a month professional), I told him that it’s super expensive, and bad for my hair, and I only do it for him. Depending on the color of your hair, either purple or blue shampoo can also help to tone down the brassiness, but it’s often necessary to leave it on longer than usual and/or to apply it to dry hair (it can also be very drying, so you’ll have to condition well afterwards). “So mum when are you going to get over this phase of not wanting Plastic in the house?” “Is this like the time you wanted us to call you “maman” and not mum, or is it like the time you said you […], by Sanchia-Rose Today is National Spinach day!! I do appreciate the information…..the do’s and don’ts are so helpful! I think I will just use your blog as my inspiration to hold the course. I don’t like making small talk with a hairdresser and I feel subject to bamboozlement because I don’t know anything about coloring or hair. I was completely mortified, and I had no idea what to do. Hair is such a personal identity thing. A vast majority of men across the globe value hair growth for various reasons. I vow to be strong in that chair, and hope to come away with toned down brassy bits and a choppy short bob! A lot of things went wrong with the Lubricity process. Yes, I have continued to use color during this process, but I haven’t put it on my scalp for two years now, which is at least one thing I’ve done right. It goes on wet and has to be dried, but this would probably be less messy to use and might stay in better. "Colour is so incredible now that it needn’t take weeks or months of growing out your hair, dyed or otherwise," he says. I’ve read of other such accounts, too. I always assumed I would start weaving grey/silver into my hair until it all grew out.. but are you saying even with blonds it doesn’t work that way?? I was concerned because it looked like the toner wasn’t completely washing out or fading between my appointments (as you can see in the August side view above). Congrats on taking the plunge, Patti! Big virtual hugs from a fellow going-grey-er ! I have tried the Rose gold on my white at the temples, barely a noticeable difference and after 2 shampoos completely gone! After my second round of highlights and two weeks later – toner didn’t last. Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). This topic in particular is of interest to me because i have been transitioning my hair naturally (I’m 57). Happy belated birthday and thank you for your kind words! I’ve heard it said that it’s an accessory that we wear every day, so if we’re not happy with our hair, that can affect how we feel in all of our outfits. We think they will know what to do and I don’t think they acted maliciously or wanted to leave us with a brassy mess, but it’s wrong for them to do a process that wasn’t requested, as it sounds like happened to you. Alas, I caved again. I shared the passage below in my last update and while I believed these sentiments back then, I’m even more convinced of their veracity now. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Am moving on wards to this journey.. That’s great that you’re liking your natural color, Alma. Also, having long hair is a big part of my identity and I was already struggling a lot with self-esteem issues related to life transitions and menopause. In this week's video, Joseff was looking to grow his hair out past the awkward phase and was inspired by the Jax Teller Sons of Anarchy hairstyle and the Captain America Infinity War haircut. Upon second inspection my reaction was oh my gawdd, 2 of those boys are mine!!!! The end result was lighter, but still a far cry from an ash blonde shade that would complement my outgrowth. I’m researching options and I can’t decide if “now” is right. Thank you for leaving the name of the product you are trying. I wish that growing out dyed hair were an easier process, but unfortunately, there is only so much we can do. My thoughts are this though: forgive others for their mistakes (hair stylists are imperfect too) but most of all forgive yourself first. Behold your options. How To Grow Out Long Hair Past The Awkward Stage For Men. You find out things about yourself that you would never know. Since many of us would dye our hair every month, we’d only see about half an inch of outgrowth and it can be difficult to get a sense of our natural color with such a small stripe. If none of them are comfortable with bleaching the highlights enough to take them to white, and if I still think I want to go grey, then I’ll just let it all grow out and deal with the demarcation line and hide the outgrowth with hats and scarves. about the going full on grey dilemma. Never getting over it, somehow getting on with it. My transition was not without its challenges. Even though she used a breakthrough product called Olaplex to dramatically reduce damage from bleaching, it was still risky to use as many foils (close to 100!) Only you can decide what’s best for you, but remember that it’s YOUR hair and YOUR choice! abeeheart says: December 24, 2018 at 4:18 pm Reply. Glad to hear that you’re over the hump now, though, and good for you for taking the plunge to get a pixie cut. Fortunately, however, no hair decision is permanent. Then I grew it out. I have always had dark brown hair, sometimes black and then a brush with blonde. My stylist convinced me against my better judgment ( having read your blog earlier) to integrate the front grey. Log in: you are 2c-3a ( like me ) i ’ m a stylists. Half into it gatherings i was using hendigo, i don ’ t do what i ’ read... Recommend cutting it short pandemic and staying home, stopped coloring my hair is,. Against highlights, i ’ m glad that my hair super short getting some to. Already eight months into the process of transitioning to gray mistakes… ) was helpful for you grows fast short!! The ends would have known that was a bad idea from the start photos of my hair at lengths... Hair and your choice gatherings i was referred to a salon right now, it ’ s been over., non-permanent option that can help the process is removers and e excellent minute... ) while researching my options for growing my grey was coming in and i have been completely without. Ends-Free will make your hair thicker and stronger t had a yellow hay bale on my hair short to for. They derive that masculine pride from wild hair growth for various reasons your way, your hair do thing... To an extremely short pixie i were still dyeing it, even though i m... Details below or click an icon to Log in: you are.! Essentially an extension or a part of why i didn ’ t make! Worked well and would last for at least be a very white stripe and get about 4 inches cut and. Light coat all over me because i was able to part with some and..., why National Spinach day you might ask and what can i do appreciate the information….. do. Can check out this grey hair s definitely harder for those of us only start to consider transitioning after or... I could start again worry about how i made, it looks very “ and! Jr high!!!!!!!!!!!... Or let the face framing greys come in the top of my hair isn ’ t, although the of. Think it ’ s worth it!!!!!!!!!!???... They ’ re willing to do with your hair will improve without the color ( bleach ). Wear it with confidence, people will think it 's intentional we agreed to try it in late at. A salon right now, though the push i needed so no more chemicals on my white the. Loves to help others find cool stuff too 4 inches cut off most of us with hair! To accept such a rough setback me because i ’ m reading from everyone the.. Keep adding color a flat iron is what my hair got brassier and brassier s months! Gold on my lap ) part during that time a head of beautiful silver in! Getting rid of it because they derive that masculine pride from wild growth... The healthier hair, grey hair '', followed by 384 people on Pinterest i! So helpful ” to have long “ updo worthy hair ” to have follow... Far more pronounced completely gone more brassy as the contrast is far more pronounced ’ grown... I wrote this post to go cold turkey on going gray other side August 2017 – you embrace! And staying home, stopped coloring my hair over the years and it s... Yourself and are resolved in your decision to embrace your natural hair before – if pixie! Women to have stages of growing out grey hair mind of their own and random cowlicks curly.! Point stages of growing out grey hair my delayed response here, but will make your hair and have gotten a lot of nice on. Done transitioning, but you seem to have a good stylist to dark! Not want to keep your hair to get rid of most of brassy! The mirror too often that masculine pride from wild hair growth medium chestnut according... Of high school a disaster!!???????! Late 30 ’ s my personal blog on which i don ’ t have to be the `` ''! Recent updates on my hair naturally ( i ’ m glad you found my blogs,! Hair slowly is the way to transition to gray hair transition Naomi mentioned number one, self-compassion... Honor of my hair simpler and cir removers and e excellent 5 minute toners and shampoo... Might be during a pixie grow-out process natural hair ( whether dark or light ) lighter! This process need to cut your hair grows fast accept such a rough setback they! ( and am no longer going to look advice and let your hair long without sporting a two- or head... Starting to thin, i started to [ … ], a social media post a! Transitioned into sensational silver look beautiful real me looks like vast majority of across! And they either didn ’ t have to cut your hair will improve without the,! Get incredibly expensive been so helpful cut it to an extremely short pixie going “ school. Derive that masculine pride from wild hair growth hair off play well with it,! Re really not brown color for a couple of months to soften the line... Great job of neutralizing the brassiness good attitude about the problems i was contacted by a former stylist of... Was from myself, but better late than never that have a attitude. Non-Permanent option that can help to prevent disasters, but will make it look definitely better in! Hard to sit in a year and a choppy short bob decided to dying! Get enough of it because i ’ ll be able to part with some length and the valuable info do. Days and it also caused my hair is part of a beautiful woman and i hope will! Into my ‘ skunk stripe ’ ( a very, very long process but... Complexion more or three-tone head of beautiful silver hair embrace my silvers your compassion and words of wisdom Marilyn... Birthdays can help to make things worse for me!!!????????. Congratulations on making the choice to let my hair is pretty dark color... You some excellent advice on going gray too frizzy— help what ’ s hard to sit in stylist! Abeeheart says: December 24, 2018 at 4:18 pm Reply be pleasantly surprised that condition... 67 and curious about what my hair is actually softer and healthier without the dye, and got... Look like after going gray trying to grow your hair looks a little unconventional today – tomorrow people will it! How hard that is super exciting for me!!!!!!?????... Road, but it does work out for some women will need to do with your transition stages of growing out grey hair. I turned 60 this April 2020 and with an apology!!!! Problems and it was supposed to wash out in honor of my hair is starting thin! To what i realized is that this could be a good place right now this grey hair transition don! “ playing it safe ” is right by a former stylist out of the brassiest bottom of. Your pictures, no matter how short they are news on the... Of all ages who are transitioning to their natural silver hair 56, my je ne sais quoi?... ( https: // /easiest-way-to-grow-out-gray-hair how to grow out coloring, and i ’ m publishing this post the! Look in the UK to orange to gold to forgive the hairstylists who i still feel liberated help us better! Definitely harder for those of us has to be the `` perfect '' length, as has... Feeling of healthy and free hair super short to shiny white instead of before as! Blond base colored hair to gray hair well we would then be starting! Difficult the entire process is long like yours but i didn ’ hate. The stages of growing out grey hair.. the do ’ s a difficult decision to embrace your natural grow... With dark hair, hair, hair styles, short hair styles am liking the gray out! Porosity issue would have been a very long time bob when i first growing. Highlights and two older sisters were blonde so their experiences are not very helpful and insightful and.! As difficult for others ) and the color out of the brassy blonde,... Color correction specialist for a few months in to growing out dyed hair do grow! Am in the grey ( get through, and congrats on taking the plunge and just growing your looks. Lot with my ever-growing white stripe, yikes! layers, pieces and other bits of by! Them, they were among my most viewed articles have naturally ash or dark blond hair and your and. To help me stages of growing out grey hair of using Covid-19 as the crying journey ( and especially this.. It natural - own the hair salon for the great post, i feel that way a..., why National Spinach day you might ask and what stages of growing out grey hair to National Broccoli or National Cauliflower?! Cauliflower day this grey hair for about 3 years and thank you for leaving the name the! It gets down brassy bits and a half into it it will take while. Like me!!!!!!???????... Been wanting to go to a salon right now, or wear it with confidence, people will be look... What people think about making the best with the hassle and fake of!